Welcome!! Bubble Gum is interested in offering a space that offers cultural richness, diversity and diverse cultural representation. We are interested in outsider art, art in all of its forms but mainly the one that is visually rich, we want to share the work of artists from all over the world, containing in the same space all those things that make you feel the need to be treasured.

We want, both emerging as well stablished, artists to coexist in one place, we want to represent all of the talented people we found as well as those who share with our vision.

We are interested in knowing the opinion of our artists and writers; knowing why they do what they do, how their context and reality influence their work, how they see the world. We are interested in fashion that is not represented in magazines or on television, a.k.a. non mainstream fashion, designers who create works of art. We are interested in the social and political implications behind art creations and we want to approach a wide audience.

We love art, colors, diversity, passion, intense feelings, creative writing, essays that blow our minds, outsider artists, naif musicians and designers, freedom, different cultures knowledge, cheerful things.

We want to hear from unknown talents !
We are against violence in all of their forms, racism, sexism, violence against women, homophobia, transphobia, prejudice, stereotyping, cultural appropriation and all kinds of hate speech.

enjoy Bubble Gum, it’s yours πŸ™‚