Poor Little Heather

text by Pamela Sustaita

“Poor Little Heather” is an ode to youth culture, pastel colors nostalgia and lace details. This nostalgia embodies the desire to sequentially preserve an era we never even knew or lived, as if wearing it we could live it all again. In a fractal way we go back to 1980, where fashionistas evoke and yearn for a small glimpse of Victorian glory; bombastic silhouettes and spectacular juxtapositions of drapes and lace. Tanyapa Keonil “Pimyij” the young Thai designer who created this collection, evokes, at her own way, the nostalgia we are talking about although this time she evokes it from another perspective and a new fantastic way.

The 80s clearly were an interesting time in the fashion history, beloved by some and hated by others. Although, the 80s gave us keepers of the girly paradise a full repertoire of girly classics of what we all know as a chick flicks: classics that are treasured and acclaimed by so many through the years for their fashion richness and historic documented proof, so it’s not a surprise to found tiny sparkles of these in today’s fashion. Poor Little Heathers is of course an ode to the 80s’ own version of Mean Girls, with an incredible mix of trends, suits and bright colors.

This time Pimyij takes the original 80s inspiration: the Victorian fluffiness, elegance and color palette to make an exquisite new twist to where the story originally began. We can definitely see the western influence as a mock with the dollar bill detail as well as many other fantastic details in the applications of the garments such as bright bows, vibrant touches of red and country reminiscences in the applications in yellow and denim as well as modern touches of sparkly plastic beads in the shape of flowers. 

It’s not a secret that fashion tends to repeat itself, we don’t blame it, it’s almost impossible to forget the history we all have worn and experienced in such a personal way. What we wear today might be the inspiration of tomorrow’s fashion, we are both excited and thrilled to see what the fashion future holds to us although I can say we surely can trust in young emerging designers, on their ability to destroy trends and make them their own. As for our beloved Pimyij, we surely can’t wait to see her future fantastic creations.

clothes and styling by Pimyij
photos courtesy of the designer.
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