Interview with Yoppy: the creator behind Little Sunny Bite

illustration by Pamela Sustaita

How was Little Sunny Bite was born?

I started Little Sunny Bite in 2014 with our first Spring/Summer collection. I decided to create a brand name with a meaning behind; one of the special elements of the brand are that little sunny bite is just a little girl and bite refers to the act of biting something, it makes you think about how when you were a baby, you were always biting something that you were interested in even not food hahaha, my intention to evoke these feelings is to remember all girls that they should remember their childhood feelings, I don’t want them to forget them. Besides that, I also want to teach girls that you can wear anything and you want you can choose any colors you want, etc without feeling discouraged by other people’s opinions.

Another important aspect of the meanings behind the name of LSB is that if you are biting something it makes the taste more delicious. I think fashion is the same thing, as you are learning more and more you have more knowledge about it and eventually everything is

On the creation of my logo, I decided to put the words ” little sunny bite checks 1983 ” which is very popular, the reason I put 1983 is that I was born also in that year, I feel somehow that my brand was born at the same time as all the inspiration from my personal history and experience in my life so I feel my clothing line was started when i was born! I feel like it’s growing along with me.

What is your goal with Little Sunny Bite?

I want to continue as long as possible 🙂 does that mean I have no goal? I want to make all girls happy, make all girls brighter and I want to continue doing the same thing for a long time even tho I think this could be the most difficult thing ever that’s why I want to say I only want to continue with my brand as long as I can! I want to make girls happy as much as possible!

What is the biggest challenge your brand has overcome?

I don’t know, but maybe when I started, the beginning of it was the biggest challenge because I was still a student in fashion school. I loved fashion and I started working in the fashion industry where I learned so much.

What are your future projects?

I can’t tell you now but I’m working on a few super exciting projects now for next year. Please stay tuned! I am so happy with these amazing opportunities. I’m doing my best.

How is a normal day in Tokyo?

Everyone is working, because as you might know Japanese people are workaholic! My daily routine consists of me eating delicious food and drinks, after work I go to workout. I think Japanese people are more interested in having a healthy life and exercise a lot now!  

What is your favorite place in Tokyo?

I love Harajuku of course, my office is there, I always dreamed of having an office in Harajuku when I was a teen and now I’m happy to say my dream came true 🙂 there are a lot of fun things to do here such as cute cafes, cool vintage shops and especially people, everyone have a great style and people seem really happy wearing their favorite clothes, I feel so happy when I see them. Ever since I started my clothing line, I see girls wearing my brand’s clothes walking on the street, which makes me really happy too. Also sometimes girls reached me out on the streets, even crying in front of me like “omg Yoppy I love you and your brand ‘‘ hahah it’s too much but I am so happy they make my day happier!