Welcome to BUBBLE GUM Magazine!

Why Bubble Gum?
Bubble gum is the only material that can be molded into infinite shapes and can transport you into numerous universes just by tasting it.

Bubble Gum Magazine is an independently run publication of Arts, Fashion and Culture; it was created by visual artist Pamela Sustaita. Bubble Gum was born while isolation responding to the lack of diversity representation in contemporary publications and the lack of editorial spaces that show the work of new international artists around the globe. Bubble Gum intends to have content that has a point of view, content that converges with different perspectives, realities and contexts. Artists, writers, photographers and creatives from all over the world compose our team.

Bubble Gum is interested in offering a site that offers cultural richness, diversity and diverse cultural representation. We are interested in art brut and outsider art, art in all its forms but mainly the one that is visually rich, we want to share the work of artists from all over the world, containing in the same space all those things that make you feel the need to be treasured.

Bubble gum’s team

Pamela Sustaita / México
founder & editor-in-chief