Writing Guidelines:

In a piece we are looking more for an essay type of article, we care about the richness of your words and your creativity in the moment of writing, we want you to be able to express your opinion and perspective while being polite and not offensive with anyone else. We are looking for you to write about Art, Fashion and Culture mainly, you can write about something else as long it has some correlation to our main themes.

We believe in liberty of expression.

  • The length of the pieces should be 1- 3 pages
  • Please submit only unpublished writing.
  • Bubble Gum is committed to a diverse literary culture and we welcome works by writers from all groups.
  • We are looking for personal essays, fiction, and poetry. Pieces that touch on political and cultural issues are welcome.


In a photography series we are looking for a story, we want to see a story and a point of view in your series; you can accompany your series with a writing piece if you want to.

If you have a single piece that fits our monthly theme we encourage you to submit it!

  • The Series must have at least 5 photographs.


Illustration series: We want to see a story or a guide that unites the series. We like all types of art but we do prefer drawing, painting, collage, and illustration.

If you have a single piece that fits our monthly theme we encourage you to submit it!

  • Series must have at least 5 pieces
  • All analog work must be scanned (not photographed)


We want to see a story, with a cohesive style, and good quality. We encourage you to submit short films, fashion films, video art pieces, music videos, and GIF series.

•Send us your video pieces previously uploaded to Youtube or


In music, we seek interesting and new proposals; DJ sets, sound art, playlists, or singles are welcome! You can accompany your proposal with a writing piece if you want to.

  • For playlists send us the link to the playlist
  • For other musical proposals (DJ sets, sound art, singles, albums send us either your Spotify or Soundcloud profile’s link)


If you’re an artist, fashion designer, musician, writer, or else, and want to be featured in Bubblegummag please send a brief bio and link to your portfolio, website, or examples of your work.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: A the moment, unfortunately, we are an independent publication and we can’t afford to pay our contributors.

All submited work will be carefully reviewed and only if your submission is approved you will receive a confirmation email! We can’t guarantee your work will be selected.